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Reporters Club 2015/16

Reporters Club is up and running for a new year and we have some exciting projects coming soon, including:

  • Interview with Mrs Douglass
  • How are the new Reception children settling in?
  • Regular sports report
  • Computer club
  • Brockham Bonfire
  • The Rugby World Club

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  • A Total Haircut for the Brocks Flocks!!

    Published 16/05/16

    On Friday 6th of May 2016, next to North Downs’ own field (on the farm) an exciting event occurred.  The 498 sheep, were going to be sheared.

    Lots of the children wanted to know what was going on.  Although the shearers were busy, your good reporters persevered until the story unfolded.

    How long does it take to shear one sheep?

    ‘It takes about forty seconds for my assistants to shear one of the sheep.’

    What happens to the wool once it’s off the sheep?

    ‘It gets sold to make jumpers and clothing, then it goes to the shops for you and me to wear.’

    How often do your sheep need to be sheared?

    ‘Anywhere between 1 and 3 times a year’

    Will the sheep be back again next year?

    ‘Yes, they will be, hopefully with some new arrivals!’                            

                                                  Lauren Wilson and Jasmine Fellows     



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  • SATS Breakfasts

    Published 13/05/16

    This year, we have been lucky enough to have had breakfast cooked for us, every morning, for free. One of our dinner ladies, Sally, arrived at work at 6am to get our food ready; she smiled all the time and was very kind to us. I was able to interview her and ask some questions.

     Do you think these breakfasts will help us with our SATS?

    “Yes, I think that they will because they will fill you up and give you energy.”

    What are you serving today?

    “I am serving; sausages, baked beans, bacon, hash browns, egg, cereal, fruit juice or water, yogurt and bread.”

    I also interviewed some of the pupils.

    Is it a nice environment to be in when you eat your breakfast here?

    “Yes, because everyone is there and happy.”

    Is the breakfast helping you with your SATS?

    “Yes and no; yes, it is it gives us energy- no, but it is really nice.”


    By Molly Reed


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  • Run To Rio

    Published 13/05/16

    On the 11th May 2016, I interviewed Mr Webber (Our sports teacher). I wanted to know more about Run to Rio, in which we at North Downs School are keenly participating.

    Mr Webber, Why do we Run to Rio?

    “We run for Rio, to inspire and encourage children of all ages to remain healthy, while keeping this in a fun environment.”

    Why do we run a mile or more every day?

    “We run a mile, because that is the recommended distance to stay fit and healthy; at the same time as trying to achieve the length of the journey to Rio.”

    Do you like the idea of running?

    “Mr Webber thinks that running is a very good idea because it keeps children active while healthy.”

    What do you think are the benefits of running?

    “It’s fun, it motivates us and it encourages us to stay fit.”

    Finally, I asked Mr Webber if we would be likely to continue our daily runs. He would love it to happen as he does think it’s a good idea.

    In order to get a balanced opinion I went to a child.  I interviewed Tom Harper, from 4mm

    Do you enjoy running?
    “Yes, because it makes me faster and stronger.”

    Do you think running is a good idea?

     “Yes because it make us get fit and to stay healthy”

    Finally I asked Tom for his opinion about running. It makes him feel great and like he’s at the top of the world and as if he is as fast as Usain bolt………………….

    Alice Rose Harper  

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  • Just Rewards : Reigate Rugby

    Published 03/05/16

    I play for Reigate Rugby Club Under 11's and over the last 4 Sundays we attended a rugby festival, in Horsham. Each week our team did really well, finishing fantastic positions - second, twice first and finally undefeated.

    I scored 7 out of the 59 tries during these festivals, our great team is still undefeated in the last 15 games! The team has been working really hard over the last 6 years and it has paid off with this winning streak.

    As a special reward for all the hard work we had the opportunity to meet some Harlequin Players including Mike Brown who also plays for England.

    Caleb Tapscott- Yates, 6C

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  • Welcome to Reporters 2015-2016

    Published 19/11/15

    Our team are keen and ready to give you the facts!

    Check out our new logo with thanks to Annabelle and Lauren.

    So who are we?

    Annabelle, Max, Jasmine, Mia, Alice, Chloe, Hannah, Caleb, Libby and Lauren.

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  • Interviewing Mr Wade

    Published 06/11/15

    DID YOU KNOW THAT………………..

    Mr Wade LOVES being our Deputy Head Teacher here at North Downs. Previously he was a Deputy Head Teacher at Frimley Green School for 6 years. He has been at North Downs for 4 years.

    Before he came here, Mr Wade was a Head Teacher at another school for two years.

    When Mr Wade came to North Downs he became Deputy Head Teacher. He wanted a new life at a different school. Mr Wade loves working with the new Head Teacher, the staff at North Downs and of course the pupils.

    Mr Wade is positive that Mrs Douglass is settling in really well; unbelievably she has only been here for two months and already knows many of the names of the children and parents.

    Mr Wade spends a lot of his time in his office, which he shares with Mrs Deeks and Mrs Scott. Mind you, they do have spinning chairs. Sometimes Mrs Deeks steals Mr Wade’s more comfy seat when he’s not in! This seems like a happy office for our Deputy Head.


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  • Sports Report

    Published 15/10/15


    On Friday 2nd October our Cross Country Team arrived at The Weald School in Beare Green, for the first race of the new school year.

    Teams from eight schools participated in the competition:

    North Downs, The Weald, St Paul’s, St Martin’s, St John’s, St Joseph’s, Powell Corderoy and Surrey Hills.

    Before the race began our team warmed up, buzzing with excitement. There were so many entrants that the teams were split into year groups.

    Girls 3+4, 5+6,

    Boys 3+4, 5+6

    The track led around a small field and onto a larger field. This was a great area to run and to raise the challenge the older children had to complete the circuit twice!

    Results were marvellous, thanks to some great work and really fast runners. Our boys finished second while the girls were fourth, both teams should be proud.

    North Downs stars :

    Boys in the top ten: Jarred O’Keefe, Tom Harper, Alfie Lucas                        Top girls: Evie Turner, Casey Williams, Ella Smith

    All our runners are really excited about their next race at The Weald, where they are hoping to beat their score!

    Chloe Pearce 

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  • Wild Wood

    Published 15/10/15

    The area outside of our class is a great little space for a number of ideas which I will be writing about over the coming weeks.

              “A worry tree”

    Maybe there is something which you are upset about? Perhaps you don’t want to talk about it, or feel you can’t?

    Then we can arrange a place where you can sit quietly within the wooded area.

    The worry tree could be a place to be calm and alone with your thoughts. This could be a safe place to go especially if you’ve been upset and if you don’t want to be with any one.

    This is my number one idea for what we could do with the outside area of our class.   

    Caleb Tapscott-Yates

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  • Interview with Mrs Douglass

    Published 08/10/15

    On Wednesday the 30th September 2015, we met with our new Head teacher, Mrs Douglass. We asked her a variety of questions, some of which had quite interesting answers. Surprisingly, Mrs Douglass revealed that she did tap-dancing and enjoys gardening
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