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SATS Breakfasts

This year, we have been lucky enough to have had breakfast cooked for us, every morning, for free. One of our dinner ladies, Sally, arrived at work at 6am to get our food ready; she smiled all the time and was very kind to us. I was able to interview her and ask some questions.

 Do you think these breakfasts will help us with our SATS?

“Yes, I think that they will because they will fill you up and give you energy.”

What are you serving today?

“I am serving; sausages, baked beans, bacon, hash browns, egg, cereal, fruit juice or water, yogurt and bread.”

I also interviewed some of the pupils.

Is it a nice environment to be in when you eat your breakfast here?

“Yes, because everyone is there and happy.”

Is the breakfast helping you with your SATS?

“Yes and no; yes, it is it gives us energy- no, but it is really nice.”


By Molly Reed