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A Total Haircut for the Brocks Flocks!!

On Friday 6th of May 2016, next to North Downs’ own field (on the farm) an exciting event occurred.  The 498 sheep, were going to be sheared.

Lots of the children wanted to know what was going on.  Although the shearers were busy, your good reporters persevered until the story unfolded.

How long does it take to shear one sheep?

‘It takes about forty seconds for my assistants to shear one of the sheep.’

What happens to the wool once it’s off the sheep?

‘It gets sold to make jumpers and clothing, then it goes to the shops for you and me to wear.’

How often do your sheep need to be sheared?

‘Anywhere between 1 and 3 times a year’

Will the sheep be back again next year?

‘Yes, they will be, hopefully with some new arrivals!’                            

                                              Lauren Wilson and Jasmine Fellows