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Thanksgiving Commentary

Celebrate America 

On the 24th November 2016, America celebrated Thanksgiving. It is always on the last Thursday of November. It marks the special journey from England to the new world (America) on the Mayflower. Then, in 1621, they celebrated by having a big feast to thank God for the successful crops from that year. Canada also celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do so it on the 2nd Monday of October. Thanksgiving is like the equivalent to the Harvest Festival, when farmers harvest their crops and are thankful for successful crops. See the similarities?

In New York, Macy's (Like Debenhams) holds a big Thanksgiving parade. Local and major company's make gigantic floats with dancers and mechanic animals and people. Cartoon characters get to have their own balloons that float over the audience.

Did you know, Thanksgiving is basically Christmas, without the presents! They eat turkey, mash potatoes, swede, brussel sprouts and all the stuff you eat at Christmas! Although the traditional dessert is Pumpkin Pie!

Being American myself, I do celebrate this traditional holiday, so therefore I have done this small but explaining report on Thanksgiving.