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Mr Skinner Interview

Mr Skinner

Annie, Josie and Elyse from Reporters Club went to interview Mr Skinner. Here are the results…

Mr Skinner decided to go into Education because when he was at school, his own teacher was mean and strict, so he wanted to be a teacher who was kind and would listen.

Mr Skinner’s favourite subjects to teach are English in first place and Art in second. He likes English because it can take people into fantasy worlds anywhere, giving the freedom of expression to everyone.

Mr Skinner started teaching in 2001.

Mr Skinner has taught at two different schools including North Downs School for 4 years, and Yattendon School for 11 years.

We want you to stay here, so we hope you aren’t planning on leaving soon!

“No- I’m staying here, for now!”

Have you ever been interviewed before?


How many different teachers have you worked with?

“Wow…… a lot!!! I would guess about 40 maybe?”

When we asked about his hobby, we were rather surprised….!

Decoupage- which is basically a form of decorating- you buy completely plain furniture and objects, and decorate them with anything!!!

“I mainly decorate things with maps!”     


 Mr Skinner’s favourite animal! 




October 2023

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