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Art and Design

At North Downs Primary School we believe Art and Design should provide activities that are stimulating and challenging, ones that are relevant to the environment in which the children live and provide rich and diverse experiences. Art and Design is taught through a theme based curriculum. This means children’s learning is current and meaningful.

Children are taught a range of art skills; these include drawing, painting, collage, 3D sculpture, printmaking and digital art. They learn about a range of different artist; evaluating and analysing their works and that of their own and peers through an understanding of the formal elements of art and design such us colour, tone/form, pattern and texture and line and shape.

Progression is seen through an increased understanding of how to use various drawing tools and media and with a willingness to experiment. Increased understanding of key terms and vocabulary, the purpose of which is to help act, articulate and reflect. The words we use affect how we think…

Art and Design increases a sense of self and plays a vital role in the child’s mental well-being. Art and Design increases a child’s ability to make creative decisions; understanding that they can use different forms of creativity to empower and contribute.

Providing opportunities for self-expression and generating new ideas.

An example of Year 1’s work linked to the topic of Pre Historic World.

The unit of work started with expressive drawing, exploring drawing and colour. Observational drawings of fossils to include texture and pattern which then developed in to printmaking and further to exploring pattern through tessellation and learning about the work of M.C Esher.

Examples of how sketchpads are used through the year groups to develop ideas.


For further information regarding our Art and Design curriculum please contact Ms Gahan, our Subject Lead, by emailing