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At North Downs Primary, we believe in the deliverance of high-quality English education. It is our aim that each child should be able to work at their very best in this essential area of study – to lay the foundations of confidence in future life. English spans through the whole school curriculum, our expectations of high standards of language and literacy will equip the children for future life. Progress to do their very best and always aiming above and beyond- indeed a love of develop good reading habits- for pleasure and wider information;to read fluently, with sound understanding;to read fluently, with sound understanding;

  • to acquire a wide vocabulary, with an understanding and confidence of grammar and linguistic conventions in spoken, reading and written tasks.
  • to appreciate and be inquisitive of our varied language;
  • to write confidently, adapting language choices for different audiences;
  • to use discussion and debate to share and learn with peers and adults;
  • to be  competent and comfortable with all areas of English and to remain inquisitive to know more.

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