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At North Downs, we believe Geography education is at the heart of building a framework for children’s understanding of the world they live in. We aim to provide a structure, which allows them to explore our local communities - and how we fit into them; to appreciate and understand how communities might be similar, or differ from our own, regionally and globally. Our children examine the relationships of people and the places that they live in, by building a solid foundation of locational knowledge, and the processes by which our planet is shaped. They examine a variety of cities, regions and biomes building an understanding of the physical and human elements of geography.

We want children at North Downs to be inquisitive about their environment and so provide a range of opportunities to use their knowledge and skills for fieldwork in the local area, as well as through other trips, and by using digital resources to explore and examine places much further afield. We aim also to provide them with a broad knowledge and awareness of environmental issues, and the ability for them to question changes in the world brought about by matters such as climate change. Our children will gain knowledge and awareness of their responsibilities to help protect the planet and to look for ways to live more sustainably.


For further information regarding our Geography curriculum please contact Ms Winslade, our Subject Lead, by emailing