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MfL (French)

Foreign language learning at North Downs aims to be an inspiring, inclusive and enjoyable subject, which builds children’s self-esteem and confidence when speaking French. Our learning activities include provoking a sense of curiosity not just of the language but the country, its culture and customs.

Children acquire a love of speaking in a foreign tongue by listening, singing, speaking and reading through a wide variety of child-friendly resources. Their curiosity about the world is developed by looking at countries where French is spoken.  We are committed to ensuring our children understand the value and importance of learning a foreign language in multi-cultural Britain and the opportunities this may bring.  We use 'Language Angels' to plan and support the delivery of weekly French lessons. Progressive units are taught which may fit into the year groups learning theme.

Each lesson provides a variety of creative and fun differentiated activities consolidating the lesson’s learning objective. The various activities will inform the teacher what the children have understood and what may need revisiting. Language Angels provide an end of unit assessment to monitor each child’s attainments. Pupils’ contribution to speaking and listening, their willingness and enjoyment in participating in a safe and trusting environment is also observed.


For further information regarding our MfL curriculum please contact Miss Tennent, our Subject Lead, by emailing