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Packed Lunches

If your child does not wish to have school meals, they may bring a packed lunch from home, which will be eaten in the school hall. 

Glass bottles, fizzy drinks, sweets etc are not permitted in school, please do not put them in your child’s lunchbox. 

As we have a number of children with very serious nut allergies, packed lunches and snacks must not contain any nuts or nut products. This includes hazelnut spreads, other nut spreads and butters and cereal bars containing nuts.  

Please see attachment below for healthy ideas for lunchboxes.

Changes to Meal Preference for Infants & KS1

Reception & Years 1 & 2 : One weeks' written notice is required if you change your meal preference ie: from packed lunch to school meal or vice versa.  This applies to ALL children in Reception and Years 1 & 2, including those who receive Universal Free School Meals. 

As well as term time changes, it also means that a change of meal choice taking affect after a school holiday MUST be advised in writing a week before the end of the previous term/academic year. If the decision to change is made during the holiday, it will be necessary for the child to continue with their previous choice for the first week of term and for an immediate notification to be given to the school office.