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Reception Site Allocation

North Downs Primary School’s PAN of 60 pupils at Reception form two classes of 30, one each at Betchworth and Brockham sites.

Application is to the school, not to a specific site.

The site allocation process is conducted in-house, once all offers have been accepted and individual details known, with successful applicants being divided equally between the Betchworth and Brockham sites.

The Headteacher and Governors allocate each child a place at one of these sites, allowing for an even distribution of pupils between the two, using the following criterion:

  • Proximity of applicant to either the Betchworth or Brockham site as measured by the Surrey County Council Admission and Transport team’s Geographical Information System

In practice, applicants will be ranked by their proximity to both sites and places allocated to the closest 30 applicants to their nearer site. In the event of more than 30 applicants being closer to one site than the other, those distanced 31+ will receive an allocation to the alternative Reception site.

However, once Surrey's offer to North Downs has been accepted (and prior to the site allocation process), parents/carers may inform the school of any extenuating factors regarding the child or family that should be taken into account when allocating a site.

These ‘exceptional’ requests should be information parents/carers feel relevant regarding the child’s academic, social and emotional development or their medical history. Requests must be in writing, and include any reports that evidence the views of medical/educational professionals.