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School Council

Find out more about our School Council Reps by clicking on the tabs below:

Year 1 


I’m in Penguins class. I would like more hula-hoops, a buddy system with KS2 and a buddy bench. I like choosing my learning.




Hi, my name is Josie and I’m in Puffins. I love coming to school and practising my art and drawing skills. I would like more arts and crafts resources for Year 1.


Hi, my name is Jack and I’m in Puffins. I enjoy coming to school and I would like to have more play equipment at lunchtime, especially ball game equipment.

Year 2


Hello, my name is Finn. I am in Woodpeckers class and I want longer break. I like geckos.


Hello my name is Clemmie. I am in Woodpeckers. I want to be a school councillor because I want a fruit shop.


My name is George and I am in Kingfishers. I love lions and apples, also I’m a kind person.


Hi, my name is Esmae in Kingfishers. I love koalas and swimming.

Year 3

Emily Jane

My name is Emily Jane and I am in the Toucans class. I think we could improve the school by having cleaner pool changing rooms. I like dogs and gymnastics.


Hi, my name is Miles. I am 7 and am in Toucans. I love football. I would like a cricket club after school.


Hi, my name is Harry  in Flamingos class. I would like us to have more sports equipment to use in the playground.


Hi, my name is Emma. I’m in Flamingos class. I would like us to have more skipping ropes for the playground.


Year 4


I’m Maisie and I am in Parrots class. I would like to have toilets in the swimming pool changing rooms and more outdoor learning. I hope I will be a great school councillor.


I’m Charlie from Parrots class. I would like them to redo the swimming pool changing rooms. I hope I will be a good school councillor.


Hello, I’m Eliza, I am a councillor for Macaws class. I would like to help make this school a better place in terms of: growing more veg and fruit to save money. I hope we can achieve amazing things together.


My name is James and I’m in Macaws. I think we should have more healthy snacks.


Year 5


Hi, I’m Jack in Skylarks. As a councillor I would like to help make our ideas happen, including raising money for the swimming pool changing room; for playground equipment and for more books in every classroom e.g, Harry Potter. 


Hi, my name is Aliona in the lovely Skylarks class. Our teacher is Mrs Boyer and she teaches us very well. I would like everyone to be able to submit ideas to the school to make a difference. 


Hi, my name is Oscar. I am in Nightingales class. I would like to upgrade the art supplies and have more playground stuff. 


Hi, my name is Ruby, in Nightingales class. I would like to install a lunch box shelf so our cloakroom is kept tidy. 


Year 6


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m in Kestrels. I’m humorous and fun. I’ll help people with Dyslexia and ADHD and anyone else. I


Hello, my name is Eva. I am in Kestrels. I hope to be a very good school councillor. I hope I can make this year so much fun.

Mason Hi, my name is Mason. I am in Eagles class. I would like to find opportunities and improve the school even further.

Hi, I’m Faith in Eagles class. I hope that, as part of the School Council, I can help school to upgrade the swimming pool changing rooms and equipment. Me – I love sloths, Baby Yoda and The Muppets.