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School Council

Find out more about our School Council Reps by clicking on the tabs below:

Year 1 


My name is Athena and I am 6 years old. I like playing with my friends and playing golf.


My name is Ben. I am 6 years old. I care about my friends and the environment and how to make it better.


My name’s Ellie and I’m five!  I am in Puffins in Year 1. I like being at Leigh because I get to see all my friends and my cousins too. As School Council, I would like to get some more toys for wet play and choosing time as we don’t have many.


I’m Sebby. I am five and a half years old and I am in Puffins Year 1. I enjoy being at Leigh because I love the lunches! I think we should run cake sales to raise more money for the school, so we can get more wet play toys, just like Ellie said.

Year 2


I am Sophie in Year 2 Kingfishers. The things I care about are everyone’s health and my friends getting smarter.

Benji Hi my name is Benji, and I am in Woodpeckers Class! As school council, I would like to have more outdoor learning at Leigh, and even make an outside classroom. I will help to get the pond back and then we can watch some animals there. I will help to make space for the animals to enter and exit the field safely.

Hi, I am Lula, and I am in Year 2 at Leigh. I love being at Leigh because I have loads of nice friends that I get to see every day! I would like to improve the school by adding some more play equipment for the field at Leigh. I would like to have more chances to go to Brockham as well.


My name is Henry and I am in Year 2. I care about my friends and family. In school, I care about my friends.

Year 3

Ruby I’m Ruby from Flamingos. I think the school could raise money by cake sales and sports. Cake Fund is where you bake a cake and put it on display at home time. If someone wants to buy it, they will put some money in a bucket. A Sports Fund is where people in the school do sports and raise money for the school.

Hi, my name is Ben and I would like it if there were toilets in the swimming changing rooms. 


I’m Holly from Toucans class. I would really like more equipment at break tome and to clean the chairs in the hall more often. I will always listen to other people’s ideas for School Council.


I’m Taylor from Toucans. As part of the School Council. I would like to do more Outdoor learning, I would like more equipment at breaktime and healthier lunches.


Year 4


I’m Maddie from Parrots. I like football, gymnastics and Tik Tok dances. I will be a good School Council because I am funny, passionate and don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl! I think the school is a very safe environment to be in but there could be some slight changes – we could donate to local hospitals.


We should ban plastic spoons and use metal ones instead. We should be kind to one another, and put more stationery on sale. 

Rosie I am Rosie from Macaws. I like swimming, netball and making people happy. I will be a good School Councillor because I am passionate about fairness and equality. I think the school should not just raise funds for ourselves but for others, too, for example giving to local food banks.

I am very kind and thoughtful and I really wanted to be on the School Council because we need to tell the other classes what we could do to raise money and what we could do to help the school. I am good at football and I love times tables. I am kind and can help you if you’re hurt; that’s why I think I am a good School Councillor.


Year 5


I want to make the school more eco-friendly, maybe add a pond and install more bins. 


I’m Sammy from Skylarks and my goal is to make the school a better place and make everyone have as much fun as possible! So if you have a problem just send it to us. I love to do Art, Maths and boxing, but mostly I like making people happy. I love it when everyone looks after the school and everything in it. This place feels like a good place to be!


My name is Elsa and I am school council. I would like more seating for everyone to sit during break or lunchtime. I also like football a lot so I would like more freedom to play it because some people don’t like basketball. I am also kind and caring so I would listen to people’s ideas too.


I am Harry and I am very pleased to be on the School Council as I think I’ll do a good job. I really enjoy sport and video games as well as doodling, which is a big hobby of mine. I think I’ll do a good job.


Year 6


I’m Sophia from Year 6 Kestrels, I joined in Year 4 and have been here since. I have ideas for the school, and I’m confident.


I’m Logan. I am currently in Year 6 Kestrels. I like English and Maths, but my favourite subjects are P.E. and Computing. One thing that I will help improve is the toilets in the school.

Shelby My name is Shelby from Eagles. I love gymnastics, acrosphere and netball. I have a cat called Willow and a sister called Hemmie. I can draw, which is very helpful. I am very kind and helpful so don’t be afraid to come up to me; I will always listen and be patient. Bye! I’ll see you around school.

My name is Albert. I love football and I like superheroes like Marvel and DC. I signed up for School Council so I can think of good ideas to raise money. I also like Lego and music.