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School Governors

The role of the governing board is to support and hold to account the senior leadership team of the school and ensure the school is financially secure in an increasingly difficult financial environment.

Our headteacher Mrs Douglass is responsible for all operational matters in the school, the governing board works with Mrs Douglass to provide a strategic direction and overview of all school matters.

The governing board are dedicated to the sound running of the school and well-being of our pupils. We are proud of the schools above national results but our school's motto of 'be the best you can be, every day' does not simply cover outcomes but also ensures pupils leave the school as well rounded individuals.

The governing board have strong commitment to ongoing CPD, over the last academic year governors have attended over 30 training sessions either individually or as a group. These have covered: Safeguarding, e-safety, competency framework for governance, financial efficiency, Hot Topics (which keeps the board up to date with the latest regulation changes). We also meet regularly with other schools in the area to share best practice and ideas for working together now or in the future.

Governors regularly visit the school and attend school council meetings to obtain the views of pupils and experience the school as they see it. This is often the most enjoyable part of being a school governor.

Over the next year the governors will be:

• Monitoring the effect of new programs of learning including the Shanghai Maths  Mastery and Outdoor Learning (Forest schools),

• Changing the boards meeting structure to improve efficiency,

• Continuing to develop the skills and expertise on the board through training and/or recruitment,

• Visiting the school regularly,

• Ensuring the school is financially secure.

Should you be intested in joining the North Downs Governing Board, parent governor positions become available nearly every year or you can apply for a co-opted position by contacting